Little Kitten Was Raised By A Pack Of Huskies, And Now She Thinks She’s One Of Them

At the point when Rosie the stray feline was first discovered, she was actually hanging on by a thread. The wiped out 3-week-old cat was battling horrendously, and her rescuers didn’t think she would make it.

In any case, when her new proprietors let her nestle up to their imposing, Lilo, something entertaining happened: Rosie begun to nurture.

At the point when Lilo went into mother mode, Rosie’s wellbeing improved.

Presently, six months have passed and Rosie isn’t simply improving—she’s doing superbly, and her received imposing family is cheerful to have another part!

Rosie the stray little cat was attempting to survive when she was first found.


However, it wasn’t until she met Lilo the husky that something incredible happened. Lilo nursed Rosie, and the pair began to bond immediately.

Though it’s rare and even odd for different species to nurse, Lilo and Rosie have a special connection.

Rosie has even more friends now!

Now an older cat, she regularly joins her husky family everywhere they go.

Rosie even believes she’s a husky sometimes!

However, her feline instincts still kick in, especially when she meets the birds in PetSmart!

….. just in case you thought we were joking!


Rosie and her new husky friends are quite the squad.

They even go for walks at the park together!

And while Rosie is pretty darn awesome on her own…

She has the most fun of all when they’re all together!

Be sure to follow them on their Instagram for even more adventures!

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