The Signs That Your Cat Truly Loves You

We feline individuals cherish our kitties yet at some point we may have thought about whether our felines truly do love us consequently!

To help settle that riddle, simply look at the outlines underneath!

We’re very certain that large portions of these, if not all, will appear to be natural to you.

What number of them do you perceive?

#1 Love bites… but hopefully not too hard!

#2 Following and Lingering around wherever you are

#3 Kneading (and needing) their master

#4 Twitching the tips of their tail

#5 The power of the purr

#6 Eye contact with a kitty kiss-if you’re lucky

#7 Your cat brings you their “presents”

#8 Your kitty will flash you their tummy

#9 Your cat has a thing for head butting you


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