New Reality Show Starring Kittens Living In A Dollhouse

On the off chance that you happen to like reality shows and you likewise cherish felines there is another show around four cats living respectively in a dollhouse!

The show is titled ‘Staying aware of The Kattarshians’ and highlighted at initial four charming little cats named Guðni, Ronja, Briet and Stubbur.

Every one of the four of these furries were discovered relinquished inside a processing plant and safeguarded by a feline sanctuary in Iceland. The cats were all up for selection up until as of late, when they met their new cherishing families.

After the four little cats were authoritatively received, the new cats moved into the house.

The Icelandic Cat Protection Society is at present working alongside two Icelandic creation organizations to make this demonstrate a reality and to help thusly to advance safeguard and reception.

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