30 Pics Proving That Cats And Dogs Can Indeed Be Best Friends

Clashes frequently do emerge amongst felines and mutts since they see the world in an unexpected way.

“The feline tries to escape, the canine thinks the feline is welcoming it to an amusement, thus pursue results with neither one of the partys understanding what the inspiration of the other one is,” expressed anthrozoologist John Bradshaw.

When they do figure out how to get along, notwithstanding, it’s cute!


#1 Nice To Have A Buddy When You’re Down & Out

#2 Cat And Dog

#3 Louis Made A New Friend

#4 Just Lying

#5 Big Spoon, Little Spoon

#6 Best Pillow Ever

#7 Body Pillow

#8 He Is My Play Buddy, My Best Mate, My Bodyguard And Also My Pillow

#9 Sweetest Cat And Dog From Norway

#10 Forsberg Really Missed Having A Cat. Problem Solved

#11 The Cat Is The Hat

#12 We Cuddle On Sundays Too

#13 My Dog Has Terminal Cancer. I’ve Noticed He And My Cat Have Been Cuddling A Lot More Since He Got Sick

#14 Dis Is My Pillow

#15 What You Get When You Let Your Puppy Pick Out A Buddy

#16 Brotherhood

#17 My Friend Got New Cat And Her Dog Adopted Her Immediately, They Always Sleep Like This

#18 Two Cute Friends

#19 Cute Friends

#20 When Cat And Dog Get Along

#21 We Were Worried Our 17lb Cat Would Be Unhappy About Us Rescuing A Dog From The Local Shelter

#22 Siberian Husky With Kitten

#23 Just Another Pic Of My Cat And Dog

#24 Play Buddies

#25 Our Dog Has Really Taken A Liking To Our New Cat. Kitty’s Still Getting Used To It

#26 Cat Is Sleeping On A Dog

#27 Best Friends

#28 Not My Dog, Not My Cat, But They Come To My House And Sit Like This Every Day

#29 Fighting Like Cats And Dogs, Are They Doing It Right?

#30 Definition Of Peace

h/t: thedodo │ BoredPanda

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