These Are The 0 Most Important Cats In Japan Right Now

Japanese felines are so a long ways in front of what felines are doing in the West. In this dispatch from Tokyo, we are presenting to you the bleeding edge of the Japanese cat scene.

TOKYO, Japan — In this nation known for its incredible felines, a dynamic new gathering of cats are throwing away all the set up principles and fashioning their own particular ways.

Japan is home to apparently the two biggest feline bosses ever – Maru, whose work with cardboard boxes has pushed the medium more remote than any feline in this century…

….and Shironeko, whose arrangement of pieces investigating “being truly relaxed and now and again dozing” have propelled an era.

In any case, Maru and Shiro are quite recently the most globally celebrated individuals from a flourishing scene in Japan, and another harvest of upstarts are expanding on their heritage. They are crude, they are dynamic, and they are not reluctant to break the standards. These are the Japanese felines without bounds.

These Entitled Young Lordlings

This Cantankerous Old Man

This Tastefully Eye-Browed Fashion Icon

When you look in the mirror and like what you see. 😉 #tgif #feelinmyself

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This Miserable Curmudgeon

* ブルゾンぐっぴー。 ・ DancinGuppy ・ #35億 #あと5000万人 #後ろはwithG

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These Glum But Tolerant Animal Balancers

This Vigilant, Highly Suspicious Moaner

This Musicalliy Adept Esthete

This Satisfyingly Rectangular Relaxation Artist

These Insatiable Gastronomes

Also, This Rootless Wanderer

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