This is a captivating story of a 87-year-old grandma and her cherished cat. Prepare the tissues.

Misao Ihara, a 87-year-old inhabitant of Chiba Prefecture in Japan, found a minor odd-peered toward little cat in the shed around 9 years back. He was destined to a stray feline from the homestead. Numerous odd-peered toward white felines are hard of hearing, and this kitty didn’t get away from that destiny. At the point when Misao discovered him, she named him Fukumaru “with the expectation that ‘Divine force of fuku’ (favorable luck) comes and everything will be smoothed like a “maru” (circle).” (Asian Offbeat)

12 years prior, Misao’s granddaughter Miyoko Ihara, Japanese picture taker, begun to take photographs of her grandma as a major aspect of her venture. After her granddad passed away, Miyoko chosen to devote a progression of photos of her grandma to honor her life. Since Misao had never taken many photos when she was youthful, she was upbeat to be her granddaughter’s model. In 2003, Miyoko began archiving the narrative of her grandma and her dearest feline.

Quick forward to today, Misao and Fukumaru have lived respectively for around 9 years. Because of seniority, Misao is losing hearing and her best textured partner has never possessed the capacity to listen, yet they appear to see each other just by investigating their eyes.

Regardless of being in her late 80s, Misao keeps on working in the fields, planting and weeding under the open sky, and Fukumaru never abandons her sight. The two are indivisible. There is a solid bond and common love that associate them. They don’t need to state much and they are both in need of a hearing aide, however they get each other immediately as though they can read every others mind.

“We’ll never be separated!”, says Misao to Fukumaru. (Asian Offbeat) “them two live in a small world, with respect, with common love. Still today, under the blue sky, Misao and Fukumaru work in the fields and in these characteristic environment, where they sparkle like the stars.”


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