Cat rescued by Turkish soldier in Syria’s al-Bab receiving demands from around world


Thousands of people have applied to adopt a cat that was rescued from Syria’s al-Bab by a Turkish soldier during the Euphrates Shield Operation last month.

Particular Sgt. Ömer Özkan found the feline, which was eager and terrified. He brought back the feline, named Barış (“Peace” in Turkish), to military base camp, where he dealt with it for three months.

Özkan then took to social media to call for help in taking care of the feline.

After the cat was mentioned on social media and television stations, a number of people from Turkey and overseas contacted association officials, asking to adopt the cat.

Expressing that they had gotten requests from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and even Japan, the authorities said the requests were being assessed one by one to guarantee the feline goes to a genuine creature darling.

CAHİDE Executive Board member Cemal Güneş said the cat was very exhausted when they got it.

“He has now been vaccinated and is clean. I hope we will find a good home. Later on, [Özkan] came to visit us, and Barış knew him as soon as he entered the door. The cat loves the cage so much because he was afraid of the excessive bomb sounds. He feels safe here,” Güneş said.

Güneş said everyone wanted to adopt the cat because it had become famous on social media.

“He makes himself loved, he loves dogs and people. We want to give it to a real animal lover. It should be vaccinated on time. We want it to live in a warm environment. This is an eight-month-old cat. People from around the world want to adopt the cat but we want to see it after it is adopted,” Güneş said.


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