Kitty ‘LEGOS’ For People Who Can’t Get Enough Of Cats

In the event that Lego and cats happen to be among your most loved things in this world, well, now you can arrange a perky statue made of “Legos” to liven up even the bluntest office space or a parlor.

A Hong-Kong-based organization called JEKCA is presently offering smaller than normal Lego models for “kidults” that come around 1.6 ft each – and their assortment will astonish even the pickiest of clients.

While JEKCA doesn’t separate between feline breeds, you may arrange your “Lego” cat in different and diverse positions and different hues.

A solitary Lego statue will cost you around $66 and you gather the building hinders with the units gave yourself.

“These cats resemble genuine figures and won’t fall or break separated,” JKCA composed on their Facebook page.

What an errific approach to respect your pet by getting a figure of it while it’s as yet alive – or to maybe befuddle your kitty by getting something that looks simply like the Lego rendition of it.

How creative is that?
















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