Taxi driver from Turkey’s Izmir turns old car into cat shelter

Cab driver Tahir Çeven has taken his affection for cats to the following level by purchasing a moment auto as a home for wiped out road felines and cats.

The 54-year-old cab driver takes care of many road cats in the 1977 model auto, which fills in as a protected place for them to eat, rest, and recuperate from ailments.

Çeven, who has two offspring of his own, was enlivened to make a cat asylum in the wake of viewing a narrative 15 years back.

Despite the season or climate, Çeven and his better half get up before he begins his taxi move to get ready nourishment for up to 50 cats that rely on upon them for support.

Çeven, who individuals in the area know as “the companion of cats”, purchased the 1977 model auto four years prior to transform it into a home and healing facility.

Despite the fact that he has tended to several cats in the a long time since purchasing the auto, Çeven still names each of the cats while he encourages them back to wellbeing with sustenance and medication. He never permits a one-month-old little cat that he calls Bircan to leave his sight as it has lost its visual perception.

Saying that tending to the cats is useful for his mental wellbeing, the cab driver told a journalist from Anadolu Agency, “When we go out on the end of the week we bring the cats with us as well. Sooner rather than later I’m considering purchasing a minibus.”

Çeven frequently conveys cats to the auto after they have had fundamental operations, utilizing it as a recuperation room.

The neighbors and above all else, his significant other, were exceptionally astounded when he purchased an auto only for the cats, said Çeven, however later on everybody got used to the circumstance.

Disclosing that he goes to the market each week to purchase sustenance for the cats Çeven stated, “I give some of them names and called them like that when I head toward them. The cats’ every day expenses are 10 Turkish liras and God accommodates them too

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